* An efficient, intelligent and 100% renewable energy system is not only technically feasible, but very favourable as an alternative to business as usual from all perspectives: technical, economic, environmental and land occupation.


* The deployment of efficiency measures, intelligence and the integration of the energy sector achieve savings of 72% in total energy consumption in 2050 compared with a BAU Scenario and more than half (55%) compared to 2007.


* The energy consumption covered by systems based on renewable energy generation is more easily guaranteed thanks to the integration of the energy system and the application of intelligence along with demmand-side management mechanisms.


* The large cost savings obtained by covering the consumption in an Efficiency Scenario in 2050 with a 100% renewable system, frees abundant financial resources to spend on efficiency and intelligence measures.


* The transition from BAU Scenario should occur as quickly as possible because any delay in the transition process implies significant environmental and economic penalties.