To cover consumption in the 2050 BAU Scenario with energy sources which include nuclear and fossil fuels, the starting point is taken from the scenario for 2020 agreed in 2010 by the Sub-committee on Energy Strategy Analysis of the Spanish Congress of Deputies (Spanish Parliament). Then, this scenario increases the capacity to meet consumption in the BAU Scenario in 2050 and reduces the capacity factors of 'conventional' technologies to regulate the growing participation of renewable and also reduces the capacity of renewable for failing to integrate all its generation capacity due to the rigidity of the system.


As shown, the power system that includes a mix with dirty energy, with some 201 GWe of installed capacity, produces about 29% of the energy used to meet the demand (the rest being fuels) and implements a 38% generation from renewable sources.


It also shows the consumption structure of additional fuels to those used for power generation in 2050, necessary to cover consumption in the BAU Scenario, where the contribution of solar thermal energy is excluded.