After analysing all sectors (construction, transport, industry, primary sector, etc..) we obtain the total energy consumption. The deployment of efficiency measures, intelligence and energy sector integration –so that the sectors share resources and exchange energy– lead to savings in total energy consumption of 72% by 2050 compared to a BAU Scenario and more than half (55%) if compared to 2007.


A BAU scenario would lead to an unsustainable situation in 2050 with a 57% increase in total energy consumption with respect to 2007. Fuel consumption would increase by 46% and electricity demand would double.


In the Efficiency Scenario the highest energy consumption would be electricity, which in 2050 would be only 14% higher than in 2007, and just over half the consumption of the BAU Scenario. Fuel consumption is greatly reduced and fuel would be derived from biomass and hydrogen from renewable electricity.


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