Thanks to the efficiency and intelligence measures applied in the Efficiency Scenario, savings in energy consumption reach 80% compared with the BAU Scenario. The map shows the provincial share of energy consumption for both scenarios and how it is considerably reduced from one to the other.


In the Efficiency Scenario the use of fossil fuel is eliminated and, even covering all of the energy demand with electricity, electricity consumption is 71% less than in a BAU Scenario. And thanks to the introduction of intelligence and efficiency criteria in buildings, the consumption is 30% less than it was in 2007. The figure shows the share of final energy consumption by residential and service buildings.


The maps show the distribution of the final energy consumption per province in both scenarios. The provinces with the highest demand in a BAU Scenario are those which bring together a larger residential use. In the Efficiency Scenario the order of provinces by demand remains the same, but consumption is considerably reduced.