Thanks to the efficiency measures the savings in total energy consumption in residential buildings are so good that a 79% saving in the Efficiency Scenario is achieved with respect to the BAU Scenario. Integrating the residential sector into the energy system – through total electrification– does not imply any overload of the power system, since the savings in electricity in the Efficiency Scenario reach 69% when compared to the BAU Scenario. In fact it is even lower than the electricity consumption in the 2007 International Energy Agency (IEA) energy balances 1.


The maps show the distribution of the final energy consumption per province in both scenarios. The distribution indicates which provinces have the highest demand in a BAU Scenario and which ones bring together a larger residential use. In the Efficiency Scenario the order of provinces by demand remains the same, but the consumption is considerably reduced.


1_Latest data available at the time of the study