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The study develops a series of scenarios, taking place in 2050, to ascertain how much energy would be consumed, which renewable energy sources would cover it and how much it would cost.


The demand scenarios calculate the overall energy consumption of all sectors (transport, building, industry, etc.) and start from a bottom-up approach, or rather, from the detailed analysis of the consumption components by sector and of the effect of applying efficiency measures. Two demand scenarios per sector are obtained:

* Business-as-Usual (BAU) Scenario, where efficiency measures are applied in the correct way but with inadequate intensity.

* Efficiency Scenario (E3.0), with true efficiency deployment.


Finally, the demand coverage scenarios have been developed with the aim of satisfying total energy consumption, for both the business-as-usual and the efficiency scenarios. The objective is to obtain better services at a lower total cost, with less need of land and funding, through renewable sources, efficiency and demand-side management.