This case examines how energy consumption in an Efficiency Scenario could be met with an energy system that is regulated not only from the supply side but also from the demand side (with demand-side management mechanisms).


While power generation would be very similar to the former case, in this case there would be a far greater storage capacity and, above all, a regulation capacity (i.e., more capacity to cover consumption at all times), thanks to the demand-side management available in transportation, construction and industry. In this case, the storage capacity offered by electric vehicle batteries has been especially considered for demand-side management.


Recharging is not a fixed nocturnal schedule, but rather vehicle-to-grid (vehicles are charged when there is more renewable electricity available, and they give back their stored electricity when the power system needs it). The figures show the distribution by technology of installed capacity and electricity generation, the power available for regulation (by adding demand-side management) and the temporary variation of demand coverage.