To achieve the complete transformation of the current energy system into one that is smart, efficient and 100% renewable, Greenpeace proposes for Spain:


* Planning Objectives: Supply 100% of the total final energy demand with renewable energy no later than 2050; reduce the final energy demand by 55% compared to 2007 by 2050; and reduce energy sector emissions to zero before 2050.


* Integrate building and smart transport into the energy system.

* Advance from an economy dependent on selling products to one based on services.


* Eliminate all subsidies to dirty and inefficient energies and internalise external costs.


* Establish a defined, predictable and stable legal framework, with the full force of law, for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


* Fully integrate demand into the operation of the system; enable the entry of demand aggregators and virtual power plants; and regulate the right to self-consumption of clean energy.