This case covers the consumption in an Efficiency Scenario with a 100% renewable energy system, operated from the supply side. That is, to regulate the amount of energy needed to cover consumption at all times, action is only taken on power plants, which can be shut down when there is an excess of energy or have the capacity to store energy to use at the time of greatest demand. To this end, there is a higher use of concentrated solar thermal power plants with storage capacity or with the support of biomass and hydroelectric power plants and, to a lesser extent, biomass and geothermal plants.


Being an integrated system, surplus wind and solar generation would be used to produce hydrogen, to be used as fuel. In this case, the size of the electrical system would be much smaller than in the case of covering consumption in the BAU Scenario with 100% renewable (2.25 times larger compared to peak power demand).


The figures show the distribution by technology of installed capacity and of electricity generation and how, over time, it fits together with the demand and the share of each form of final energy.